Trees On Deck

It can be a gorgeous feature, or a problem down the road. But choosing to build a deck around a tree can create a really nice effect for a back yard deck.  The best types of trees we’ve found for having in the middle of a deck are the kind that don’t grow too tall or thick, but that create a sort of umbrella effect without staying too low.  You don’t want a shrub or bush that will grow out instead of up, however smaller trees can also stay small over their life and the life of your deck, so they won’t pose a threat of damaging your deck structure.   There are many great ideas and images found online or on pinterest, as well as fun diy articles and videos you can view that show you how to build a deck around a trees.  Inspired by cute outdoor wood patios in some restaurants, you can get ideas of how you want to set up your back yard deck if there are a few trees existing already.  We’ve even seen people build a bench around the tree as part of the deck, or simply cut out a space in the wood or composite where the tree emerges from.  Placement of the tree is important, as you will also want to fit patio furniture or other things on your deck.  Since you cannot move the tree itself, it pays to spend time designing the right layout for what you are looking for, to account for furniture placement etc. Additionally, you will need to keep in mind that most trees shed leaves, berries, pollen, etc, and some more than others.  So if you aren’t a big fan of cleaning up, stick to coniferous trees that will shed less than most deciduous trees.  If the trees you have on your property don’t quite work for your deck, or you have a few too many and only want to keep one or two trees that will compliment your deck project, it’s best to call a tree service haverhill that is local and can help you properly and safely remove trees as well as stumps.